I am a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Tianqi Chen and a member of the Catalyst research group. My research interest lies in the intersection of Machine Learning and Computer Systems. I believe there are a plenty of exciting challenges in automating sequential decision-making in learning systems. I am passionate about tackling these challenges by co-designing ML algorithms and learning systems. To this end, I work towards building an intelligent learning system that automates cross-stack optimizations.

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CMU 10-403 Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control

Teaching Assitant, Spring 2020, Instructors: Katerina Fragkiadaki

CMU 10-701 Machine Learning (PhD)

Teaching Assitant, Spring 2019, Instructors: Leila Wehbe, Aaditya Ramdas


OBP-RL: Exploring Deep Reinforcement Learning Methods for Online Binpacking Problem

Byungsoo Jeon, Bharath Balaji, Saurabh Gupta, Chun Ye
Amazon Machine Leanring Conference 2020

Dropout Prediction over Weeks in MOOCs by Learning Representations of Clicks and Videos

Byungsoo Jeon*, Namyong Park*
AAAI 2020 (AI4Edu Workshop)

Dropout Prediction over Weeks in MOOCs via Interpretable Multi-Layer Representation Learning

Byungsoo Jeon*, Namyong Park*, Seojin Bang*
AAAI 2020 (AI4Edu Workshop)

Time-series Insights into the Process of Passing or Failing Online University Courses using Neural-Induced Interpretable Student States

Byungsoo Jeon, Eyal Shafran, Luke Breitfeller, Jason Levin, Carolyn P. Rose
EDM 2019 (Short oral presentation)

Attentive Interaction Model: Modeling Changes in View in Argumentation

Yohan Jo, Shivani Poddar, Byungsoo Jeon, Qinlan Shen, Carolyn P. Rose, Graham Neubig
NAACL 2018 (Poster)
PDF | Code

Music Emotion Recognition via End-to-End Multimodal Neural Networks

Byungsoo Jeon, Chanju Kim, Adrian Kim, Dongwon Kim, Jangyeon Park, Jungwoo Ha,
RecSys 2017 (Poster)

BIGtensor: Mining Billion-Scale Tensor Made Easy

Namyong Park*, Byungsoo Jeon*, Jungwoo Lee, U Kang
CIKM 2016 (Demo paper)
PDF | Web (open source) | Web (paper)

SCouT: Scalable Coupled Matrix-Tensor Factorization - Algorithm and Discoveries

Byungsoo Jeon, Inah Jeon, U Kang
ICDE 2016 (Long oral presentation)
PDF | Web

TeGViz: Distributed Tera-Scale Graph Generation and Visualization

Byungsoo Jeon, Inah Jeon, U Kang
ICDM 2015 (Demo paper)
PDF | Web